Dongguan Sunshine Button Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Sunshine Button Co., Ltd.

Spend 80 percent of the money, enjoy 100 percent of the quality. #11.11# hashtag#Double-eleven promotion#

Singles Day, or the ‘Double Eleven’ shopping festival in China, is held annually on the 11 November. Four times bigger than Black Friday, this event sees consumers flock to online stores to snag the best deals from participating brands all across the world. 

Within the 24-hour shopping window, the event totalled over USD $31b, up 27 per cent from the previous year. First commercialised by Jack Ma, Alibaba’s ex-chairman, Singles Day has now spread from Alibaba’s Tmall to other platforms like and Little Red Book, and the shopping festival achieves global reach through its CBEC model.

 For well-known brands operating in the Chinese market, participating in this shopping event allows for hyped-up marketing campaigns, maximum traffic exposure and a plethora of sales opportunities.

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